If she wants to help the cause, tell her we need sterile gauze

Hey folks – WE DID IT!

Thanks to the donations to the Virtual Rent Party to the tune of $1800, the incredible contributions on Friday in response to the Pay What You Can shows to the amount of $2400 and an evening of drinking, dancing and donating – and the $1000 bonus pledged by our landlord – HUGE Theater made the rent.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I cannot say it enough.  Thank you.

Many of the donations came from the very people we hope to be able to pay for performing on our stage, people that have already put in countless hours producing shows and helping promote HUGE every day – while it weighs on me a bit to know that we are taking funding from people we should be giving it to, we are in no position to turn away any help we can get.

Still, I don’t doubt that we will get there, that these are the hard months on the way to better times – the lean times that people will inevitably refer to as “the good old days”when we look back – and I was struck by a terrific realization on Friday night while I was watching the shows or hanging out in the booth or the back of the room that THIS is what we do when times get hard.

We hustle together, dance together and laugh together – and that’s pretty amazing.

I’ll be posting more soon about the days and months ahead, and some brighter news and views on HUGE’s future as well as a date for HUGE’s next party – they’re going to be a regular event, and it’s worth noting that everything that goes on at HUGE is all a big party to pay the rent – but for now it’s pretty awesome that we made the rent with some great supporters, talented friends, fun shows, cold beer and a dance party powered by bike lights.  That’ll be a story that nobody believes when we all look back on the good old days.

Thank you all – you’ve now made it my boldest ambition to make sure the good times are as much fun as the bad.

Butch Roy

Executive Director and Misty-eyed true believer

HUGE Improv Theater