a Rut becomes a Groove, becomes a Grave

HUGE updates ::

Inspections –

After being open for a few months, someone apparently realized we had yet to undergo a couple of important inspections and sent the appropriate people our way with clipboards in hand.

Thankfully, we are not in trouble or at odds with the city over anything. They are doing their due diligence and we are making (mostly small) changes to comply with their requests.

Beer and wine –

This is the one everyone asks about, and the one that we never seem to make any progress on regardless of how many steps in the process we go through. Luckily we are coming to the end of the whole thing with a vote at the City Council meeting on the 27th of May.

Should they vote to approve, everything then goes to the Mayor’s office the next day and a whole new cycle of paperwork kicks in while we get approval to order from vendors and have to (very quickly) acquire the permitted coolers and electrical mods to store/serve the beer in question.

All told, the soonest we can sell would be June 5th – thanks to some weird rule about the license not taking effect until the following Saturday. I was hoping we would be raising a toast at the IAGG Anniversary Show but we should be all set for TCIF!

If you live in the area it would be great if you could call your city councilperson and tell them you would like to have a beer at your favorite new improv theater, to better enjoy “the arts”

The IAGG Anniversary Show –

Holy Crap, our baby is NINE!

Five Man Job and Ferrari McSpeedy perform, as usual, alongside Gay/Straight Alliance and the musical duo of Jill Bernard and Doug Neithercott. Last time Jill and Doug performed their musical was the fastest I have ever seen an audience leap out of their seats to give a roaring standing ovation.

It still ranks as probably the best improv set I have EVER seen. Take that.

HUGE sign –

It is installed, it is awesome.

One of the side effects of the fire inspection was having to take down the lighted sign in the window, which meant it was suddenly time to move on getting the exterior sign made. Sign Minds did a great job of putting it together in no time and getting an installer out to bolt it to the building. Now people can tell what we are! Maybe!

I took down the Caribou Coffee sign after hearing several people walk by last weekend saying “oh look, a new coffee shop!” despite the big sign that says “improv theater” above their heads.

Thank you to everyone that donated to the cause, we were able to fund a significant percentage of the new sign – which really helps us stay on course to not incur any more debt than we absolutely must in this really critical time of growth and growing expenses.  When you donate to a project like this one you aren’t just helping us put a sign on the building, you’re helping us reach the milestones we need in order for people to find our crazy little place so we can stay open for ever and ever.

Next project – mounting the whole theater on tank treads.

What’s next –

Still working on getting the mandatory changes made, but needing to go back to the city for mandatory permits has given us a nice opening to make some changes that have been in the hopper from the beginning as well – hoping to ad some risers to the back section of seating so everyone has a better view, a piano box for musicians so we can start featuring live accompaniment as often as possible, doing something with the space outside our side door to add yet another ADA compliant space to our theater and continuing to develop our backstage/warmup space from a blank concrete room to something that works for everyone, even when shows are running.

None of these projects are funded, so they are all things I am working on slowly when we get donated materials – but since we have to pay for one permit we might as well get all those future additions included so we aren’t paying for several permits later.

Something new every day, that is still the goal.