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Butch normally writes these bloggie thingies, but I thought I’d hop in here for a second.

Through March 31, I’m offering $5000 of my own money as a matching grant, to try to get some traction for HUGE.   It’s true, I’m not rich.  I haven’t had a day job since I got laid off two years ago, ironically, shortly after making this video about how much I love my day job.   Since then I make money playing ComedySportz and teaching at improv festivals around the country, and doing the occasional voiceover or commercial.

I have a little bit of savings, my father gave us all our inheritance early.  He doesn’t need the money, he grew a big beard and lives in a trailer and volunteers at train museums in warm climates.  Logically, I should be saving that money for my retirement, because improvisors don’t get 401Ks.   Somehow I’d rather spend it on helping HUGE Theater.  I want there to be a home for scenic improvisation in the Twin Cities.  It’s important to me.

Here’s the question though.  Why does HUGE Theater need a big wad of cash right now?  Well.  We’re buried under construction debt, crowds are still at a tiny getting-to-know you size, and we’re still in the part of the beer-and-wine license process where the city takes your money, not where you make money.  We’re getting there, but we’re not there.

Won’t you combine your dollars with my dollars to get us over this hump?  There’s a lot of stupid things to spend your money on. Pick this one, this time.

Thank you.  You rock.