Let me get you up to speed, it's up to us to up the need. Upheaval tucked up the sleeve

Lots of new things still changing around HUGE – adding shows and time slots and special events all over the place

I am still startled by the immediacy that running our space brings to the process, much to the frustration of our marketing people – instead of the normal process of deciding what is going to come next, sending press releases, building some hype and then launching a new show we’re looking at Friday late nights after Overheard In Minneapolis and it always feels like there should be MORE. People hang out, the night clearly isn’t ready to be over yet – so we can add a show. Right NOW. No lead time, no ability to promote properly.  BOOM.

Such is the weird, chaotic process in the beginning – once we find the flow of all the evenings we will be able to follow the normal process for the next round of programming…hopefully.  Trying to get a couple months ahead while still trying to catch up from the build and keep up with daily operations can be daunting.

So, be patient with us and be sympathetic for our marketing people.  But now, the updates!

HUGE Wednesdays ::  TNG has taken up the 7pm spot on Wednesdays and HUGE is rotating the 8pm part of the show and the whole evening marks the return of HUGE Wednesdays!   The show was originally one that HUGE ran at the Varsity and Old Arizona during our more nomadic days and we are very excited to see it again.

Thursdays – Brain Game & Duo Night :: Brain Game brings some of our favorite old school improvisers to the HUGE stage with trivia, madness and the chance for someone in the audience to win some prizes.

Beginning in March the Mustache Rangers return to hyper-sleep as one of them is having a real life baby so the 8pm Thursday spot goes to Duo Night – What If? and Interplanetary Appeal kick off the new show with some important lessons about life choices.  Prepare to have your minds blown.

Fridays, Late Night show – Explorer’s Club:: An hour long meditation on the strange, arcane and amazing tales of your favorite Explorer’s most harrowing adventures.   Runs until the end of March, if you come see Overheard In Minneapolis you are invited to stay.

Saturday, Late Night show – Walrus:: The guys bust some serious chops.  Come see.  Running through the end of March, if you come to Ka-Baam you get to stay to watch.  And you should.

March 5th – Special Event:: 2nd Annual HUGE Fundraiser Show

Matt Donnelly and Rich Sommer (of AMC’s Mad Men, not to mention the nicest murderer ever on Law & Order) return for the second installment of Matt Donnelly’s Celebrity Tarot Lounge.  We aren’t done asking for your money by a long shot, but at least we do it with style – additional special guests on deck, will be announced soon!

That should be enough to keep everyone busy for now – but don’t think we’ve even slowed down.  There’s a lot of cool stuff coming.