Our struggle still feels wonderful most days

“This shouldn’t hurt…but you might feel a slight discomfort”

We are struggling to clear the gap right now, today I am pushing out our continued effort to raise funds via the member campaign. I wish I didn’t have to badger the people I know for money and could just keep pushing out optimistic updates on how awesome this is going to be, but this is the uncomfortable part of my job.

I suspect anyone reading this blog has already looked at the links if they are going to but today I’m asking everyone (puts on Gary Oldman crazy…EVVVVERYYYOONNNEEE!!!) to pass this on to someone.

We have reached our audiences, performers, volunteers and loyal supporters as well as we can and what we need now is to extend the reach of our efforts rather than keep asking for more from the same people….not that we will turn down more support from the same people, mind you.

If you are so inclined, please consider sending this on to one or two people that might be able to give or might know someone that could. It makes a massive difference in the future of HUGE.

Humbly, I thank you all.


Hopefully you’ve heard that HUGE is building a home for long form improv in Uptown – we are in the middle of construction now and working hard day and night to move from installing doors to opening the doors as quickly as we can, which can be a slow and expensive process.

Now is the time HUGE needs help the most. I am already amazed at how far we have come as a new company due to contributions but I must ask for your help.

The link below has information on different ways to give to HUGE, we need your help both monetary and your support and networks.

We have reached our loyal audiences and supporters very effectively and they have responded with amazing generosity and energy but we also need help getting the word out about HUGE to those that have not heard and have the capacity to give.

Please consider the following for yourself and take a moment to consider who you may know that has the ability and inclination to give to the arts and help a new theater get off the ground.

The Annual Fund:

This is it – the biggest way people can help HUGE theater now when we need it most and into the future. The HUGE Annual Fund allows people to join as sustaining members for a monthly amount and help us keep the lights on and the fun going.

We have developed levels of rewards to show our appreciation for donors and will be highlighting new members in our theater and on our website to try and show our appreciation.

Please join and help us by inviting others to do so as well.