Theater Staff

Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion

John Gebretatose

photo by Alvan Washington

John rose from the ranks of a HUGE Improv Theater student, to a HUGE Improv instructor. He trained and worked at Brave New Workshop.
He has performed stand-up comedy in the Twin Cities for over nine years. He is currently part of one of the hottest new improv groups, Blackout, and also a founding member of Late Nights Minneapolis With Joe Rapp.

John has taught improv workshops internationally, coached improv groups and currently teaches at HUGE in addition to heading up diversity and inclusion programs
He is the founder and creator of the Black and Funny Improv Festival as well as the Twin Cities chapter of Our Cities on Our Stages

Our Bar Manager


Joe Rappjoerapp

Joe has been improvising since 2003. Aside from managing the bar, he is also part of the teaching staff at HUGE. Joe is co-founder, Managing Director and a performer with Bearded Men Improv, which is a locally known and nationally recognized touring group.

He is also a part of CSz Twin Cites and Late Nights Minneapolis with Joe Rapp and is a freelance graphic designer as his “day” job.

He enjoys beer, wine and candy in appropriate amounts.


Our Tireless Admin


Breanna Cecile

Breanna fell in love with improv during the 2013 Improvathon where she twisted her brain by watching 28 straight hours of performances and she has never been the same. Since then, she has trained at HUGE Improv Theater and the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, MN and has poured countless hours into her improv duo Squash Banana with Jeff Gyllen. Breanna also has performed with: Manners & Misconduct: an Improvised Jane Austen, Neutrino: the Improvised Movie Project (started by the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC) and Minnesota Goodbye. When she’s not on stage, she can be found handling some of the daily workings of HUGE, meeting all the improv students, doing science at schools all over the Twin Cities, or snuggling with her two cats Jack and Mindy…or anyone’s cats really.