The majority of shows on our stage are actually proposed to us by improvisors in the Twin Cities community using our Show Proposal Form but HUGE produces a number of shows as well – some original and some imported with permission* from other cities.

* Please note that ALL shows submitted to HUGE must obtain and include permission to use existing shows from other cities. 

Neutrino Video Project


Originally created at Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City in 2004 – is a fully-improvised live video experience. Three casts of improvisors perform, shoot and edit a fully-improvised movie based on audience suggestions – with no idea what the other casts are shooting – that is shot, run back to the theater on tape (remember tapes?), screened live as a continuous, interwoven film that is scored as you watch it.
Neutrino has been taught and performed all over the world and was last seen in the Twin Cities in 2007 before re-opening in 2016.

Ka-Baam!! the improvised comic book


Created by Steve Wacker in New York City, Ka-Baam!! was one of the first productions HUGE Theater imported – originally opened in the Twin Cities at the Bryant Lake Bowl – the show features three amazing superhero adventures based on never-before-seen hero names suggested by YOU, the audience!
While you watch the origin stories of our three new heroes, a for-real comic book artist draws the cover to their tremendous team-up adventure – the cover artist gets to create the villain who our heroes will team up to do battle with in Act 2 of the show!
Bonus geek fact:  Our original run of Ka-Baam!! featured cover art by Christopher Jones!

Off Book


Created in New York City by Gravid Water, Off Book is a series of independent scenes – each one pairs one actor with one improviser.   The actor has memorized – and will stick to – one half of a scripted two person scene, the improviser has no idea what the script is and has to improvise along and can say whatever they like. Magic ensues.
Co-directed by Sean Dillon and Maggie Sotos, Off Book has worked with artists from the MN Fringe Festival, Playwright Center, and wonderful actors from throughout the Twin Cities theater community.

Creature Feature


HUGE’s longest-running show – an improvised monster movie that takes a never-before-seen monster from the audience and explores the tropes of the monster/slasher films that we all grew up jumping from and laughing at.  The show has taken many forms over the years and travelled from 2605 Hennepin Ave to the Bryant Lake Bowl before we opened our space and we are excited for the next re-boot of the franchise

Throwback Night


An evening of old-school long form improvisation featuring three new casts every year performing three classic long form improv structures – over the years the show has featured the Harold, Close Quarters, Deconstruction and LaRonde – directed by some of the best improvisers and teachers in the Twin Cities. This show is one of our favorites as it features long form improv, front-and-center.
Throwback casts can continue on to create a brand new show based on their structure as part of our ongoing Throwgram series

Archived:  Star Trek : The Next Improvisation


The continuing adventures of the 2nd best galaxy class starship : The Intrigue!
A completely improvised Next Generation episode that goes where no human has gone before

Archived:  Overheard In Minneapolis

Before Twitter was everything, there were “Overheard In ____ ” sites that featured user-submitted transcripts of conversations around their cities. HUGE worked with Overheard in Minneapolis (now defunct) to harvest those lines to create a new show, originally opened at Intermedia Arts, OiM was one of the very first shows at our new theater when we first opened our doors in 2010!

Archived:  Kung Fu Island

Oh man, is this a deep cut.
HUGE’s first “official” production is now just a rumor. A ghost story grown-up improvisers tell their little improv children at night. It was a show that featured a plot somewhere between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, a live beat-boxer and our very own monster puppet named Anger The Hate-Creature (below).
Anger currently resides backstage at HUGE Theater.