Diversity and Inclusion

HUGE Theater is committed to diversity and inclusion, and it’s purely selfish: This art form will die if it does not redefine the promise that “improv is for everyone” and make sure all voices are heard and represented with dignity and respect.

John Gebretatose came on board in November 2016 as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at HUGE. John’s baseline strategy is to go to artists in different disciplines and to see if he could bring them in to HUGE for improv, bringing word of mouth and validity to improv. Once in the door, John ensures participants will have continuing opportunities and support.

John and HUGE offer:
• Coaching sessions with groups
• A Facebook group for people of color
• Information, prep and support for auditions
• Scholarships a’plenty without a lengthy application process
• Partnerships with other organizations, including as Reviving Islamic Sisterhood, New Native Theater, Lyndale Neighborhood Association and MU Collective
• Outreach and support for independent producers and other local improv theaters as they seek to expand
• A home for festivals and forums: the Black and Funny Improv Festival and the Tiny Funny Women Festival, and Our Cities Our Stages
• Special workshops on “Hard Topics”
• Paid opportunities to join our teaching, tech, bar and house manager staff
• Data tracking of student demographics
• Marketing and outreach for POC programming specifically